Concrete Waves London CIC is a Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales with company number 14589858.

We are a community interest company representing London's growing surfskating community. We believe that surfskating is an accessible sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Our current community makeup is about 41.7% female, with members all over London and from all different social groups. We are committed to encouraging diversity and inclusion within our community, and promoting the physical and mental health benefits of surfskating.

16.7% consider themselves as a member of the lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender, queer(LGBTQ+) community
26.9% indentify as someone who suffers from or has ever suffered from mental health issues
75.9% speak 2+ languages
41.7% identify as immigrant
1.9% indentify as refugees
Our members hail from across London's 32 boroughs, with 13.9% from Hackney, followed by 8.3% from Southwark
By providing coaching and training, hosting meetups, and working to improve surfskating facilities in London, we aim to create a vibrant and welcoming community for surfskaters of all levels. We believe that this will not only benefit our members but also contribute to the wider community by promoting physical activity and social engagement.