Cookies on this website are INACTIVE
We collect the minimum amount of data in order to provide the best experience, and only when strictly necessary

What cookies are used in this website


Stripe is the payment method used in this website. The cookies are set only when the visitor is accessing the checkout area after logging in, so there might not be a cookie set on your browser if you never did so
This might affect payments

Google Analytics

We collect anonymous visitor's behaviour data via Google Analytics, this helps us to better understand how the wesbsite is used by our visitor. By revoking access to this function, we won't be able to collect this kind of data in the future

Browser Data

in order to process your order and facilitate recurring users, we store the minimum user data from your google profile (UID, email, displayName) and the cart state directly on your browser. This will allow you to be already logged in and able to see your cart between browsing, even if you close the page and come back at a later time. This is not a cookie strictly speaking, but you can delete this data (if any) here
in the Cart area, this will allow you to swap between Guest user and Authenticated user if you later decide to do so